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6 Advertising Essentials for Realtors

Just like the businesses we serve, Baldwin Media Group, owned by Lionel Baldwin is a small business too. Currently we provide marketing and advertising services to small businesses across Las Vegas, NV, Southern California and North Carolina. Each week we publish engaging content to help small business owners understand the value and need for advertising and marketing. This topic will cover 6 advertising essentials for realtors and real-estate agencies.

For both independent realtors and larger agencies it can be extremely difficult and costly to compete online with all the competition that’s out there. It’s a rat race we often discourage customers from getting sucked into.

HOWEVER, there are a number of things realtors can do for an even playing field to stand out!

Advertising Essentials!

  1. Responsive Design Website: This is critical. Your website needs to be compatible for best viewing on any device a searcher is using.

  2. Content Marketing: Not only does blogging help with your online rankings if managed properly, but it is your opportunity to position yourself as a leading expert in the real estate market and preemptively answer common questions and concerns about the buying process.

  3. Social Media Management: Whether you’re a fan or not, this is where the majority of your potential audience is for you to get your agency and listings in front of. Proper hashtag management is critical for growth and engagement.

  4. Review Management: Reviews make or break any business. Every review needs a response and if managed properly, will help with your SEO.

  5. GoogleMyBusiness & Yelp Management: Aesthetics matter for all businesses. These pages need to be updated often with OPTIMIZED photos and content.

  6. Lead Generation: Your website should be capable of collecting all the important information you would need from a potential buyer.

Managing all this is a full-time job in itself and requires a proper understanding of social media best practices, such as proper hashtag usage and best days and times to post, along with a thorough knowledge of SEO and photo optimization.

If you would like to learn more about our advertising services for realtors and to schedule a FREE consultation, give Lionel Baldwin, President of Baldwin Media Group a call at 702.505.6325 or visit our website at!

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