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What to Look for in an Advertising Agency

Just like the businesses we serve, Baldwin Media Group, owned by Lionel Baldwin is a small business too. Currently we provide marketing and advertising services to small businesses across Las Vegas, NV, Southern California and North Carolina. Each week we publish engaging content to help small business owners understand the value and need for advertising and marketing, especially in today's world with Covid-19. We hope you enjoy and find this article useful!

There are a bunch of factors to consider when hiring an advertising agency. Here are a few that might help you make a final decision.

What services do you need

You need to determine why you need an ad agency in the first place. Do you need a full-scale advertising agency for an extensive marketing campaign? Someone who will do everything from strategizing to execution to analytics? Or maybe you need a simple logo design, or marketing collateral like postcards or sales letters. In this case you can probably go with a graphic designer or freelance copywriter. Most agencies have a forte, some are great with creatives, some with strategy, some are analytics gurus. Most of them know how to do all those, but it’s best to know what you really need so you can decide on which agency to go with. It all depends on your campaign’s objectives.

Go with someone who understands your business

Transparency from the start is very important. You should choose a company who has your interests at heart. A good ad agency usually asks a bunch of questions starting from how your company started to the objectives of your campaign up to discussions on ROI. They want to make sure they know your business inside out so they can strategize the best way to execute campaigns. Request for a proposal and see if their goals are at par with yours. Relationship between client and agency should be a two-way communication, it will be a continuous learning process which will be beneficial to both parties.

Ask for samples of work done for previous clients

Don’t be shy to ask for previous works. If they are confident with their performance, they will show you a portfolio, maybe even case studies of their past and ongoing projects. Seeing their work would also help you imagine if this is the kind of artwork, design, process flow, or execution you want for your company.

Cost Effective

Choosing an advertising agency that is cost-effective doesn’t mean choosing the one with the cheapest rate. There will be agencies who will charge less, but have a low quality of service. There are expensive services which show good potential but ROI isn’t in favor of your company. Make sure that at the initial meeting, they ask questions about your marketing budget, and see how they can work within that while maximizing the ROI. During meetings and reports, a good ad agency shows facts – numbers, percentages. They don’t use vague terms like “we increased sales compared to last month.” How? What did we do? Choose an agency who tells a good story from start to finish, a story that contains all facts and figures so you can understand the big picture of the campaign.

Availability of key team members

Whatever phase you are in an advertising campaign, you will encounter minor or major challenges. And you have to make sure that at least one contact person can address your needs as soon as possible. Having a good relationship with your team including the agency will help make this easier.

At Baldwin Media Group, we are your authentic brand partner. Through strategy, design, and planning we build brand identities that connect with your Public. We then fine-tune a marketing plan that allows us to laser focus and target your audience through the right channels. More than just an ad agency, we harness the tools of traditional and digital.

What makes you great? Lets find out together.

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