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8 Reasons Why Online Reviews Matter

Just like the businesses we serve, Baldwin Media Group, owned by Lionel Baldwin is a small business too. Currently we provide marketing and advertising services to small businesses across Las Vegas, NV, Southern California and North Carolina. Each week we publish engaging content to help small business owners understand the value and need for advertising and marketing, especially in today's world with Covid-19. We hope you enjoy and find this article useful!

Online reviews are something you’re guaranteed to hear mentioned when people talk about marketing for businesses. The feedback that people leave across various internet based platforms, especially Yelp, Google, NextDoor and Social Media plays an important role in decisions people will make in choosing to do business with you or not.


  • They are an extension of how word-of-mouth has evolved

  • They help build and establish trust to promote a positive reputation

  • People rely on them when making decisions in choosing to do business with you or not

  • They help with Local SEO when managed properly

  • They give you the feedback you need on what you’re doing right and what you need to improve on

  • They influence your Star Rating

  • Negative reviews can be devastating if not properly responded to

  • They translate into real money for businesses as online reviews are a major part of a potential customers decision to do business with you

If you would like to learn more online review management services and to schedule a FREE consultation, give Baldwin Media Group a call at 702.505.6325 or visit our website at!

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