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Why is Content Marketing Important?

Just like the businesses we serve, Baldwin Media Group, owned by Lionel Baldwin is a small business too. Currently we provide marketing and advertising services to small businesses across Las Vegas, NV, Southern California and North Carolina. Each week we publish engaging content to help small business owners understand the value and need for advertising and marketing, especially in today's world with Covid-19. We hope you enjoy and find this article useful!

Content marketing as a marketing strategy can be valuable to educate your target audience and help them get excited about your business. It’s also a good way to stay in touch with and re-engage existing customers.

To understand why content marketing can work as a strategy, think about the buyer’s journey. For many companies, it may look something like this:

  • Awareness phase: this is where the potential customer is seeking information on a topic. They may be looking for a solution to a problem they experience, or are simply looking for information on a topic they’re researching.

  • Consideration phase: the potential customer is learning more about the options available that solve their problem, including your product or service.

  • Purchase phase: the potential customer is looking for information on how to make a purchase.

Content marketing is a scalable way to bring in customers and potential customers to your site via each of these stages. You can create content that targets those in the awareness, consideration, or purchase phase. As long as the content is optimized and provides what the audience is looking for, it has the potential to continue to bring in potential customers long after it’s been created.

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